Saturday, March 29, 2008

Home Work

The weather keeps teasing us with some warmth. We get all excited, then wham, back into the 20's. I've been cutting tiles for the kitchen remodel, and working with water in the garage right now is not fun. I bought this POS tile cutter and I swear I will chuck it across the garage before this job is over. You ever buy something that looks ok on the box cover, then you pull it out and your heart sinks because you know it will suck? I got the thing for the bathroom tiles. Small job. Now I'm in the middle of this big job, and I'm going to tough it out because I'm a cheap bastard. Oh well. The lake level looks good. The bay is thawing. The birds are singing. Some folks might be tempted to get out early. Hope they make out better than this guy. I saw this on

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