Friday, June 27, 2008

A nice sail

We had a really nice sail last weekend. The local schooners got together to celebrate the Sodus Bay Yacht Clubs, Junior Sailing Center anniversary. We captured a few photos, on our way out to the lake.
We found out one thing. Alert is very fast on a reach, and run. WhisperIII could scream upwind, but would suffer on a broad reach, or run. Not so with the Morgan. We flew off the wind, and I kind of like this for a change of pace. Who wants to beat into the wind and waves anyway? It does seem like wherever we go, we go into the wind, so this should be an interesting cruising season. I didn't test Alert upwind yet. We never had the sails set right for close hauling. I plan on doing this soon, so I can tune the rig. The interior is being cleaned up, little, by little. I'm installing new shower plumbing at the moment, so Deb and I don't have to make the trek to the spider infested, cold water, low pressure stalls at the marina. Just a little tip to any marina owners, a clean, and functional bathroom/shower goes a long way in keeping customers.
We hit 7.7 knots on a reach coming into the bay, with many boats behind us. "No More Dancing" was sneaking up on us, so maybe my knotmeter is a little off. Sorry guys, I couldn't resist :)
This weekend it looks like we will try to stay dry, as another couple days of thunderstorms are in order. Never seen so many days of thunderstorm activity. Figures it happens the year I have the tallest mast in the marina.

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