Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where Have I been?

I bet all five of you have been wondering when I was going to update. Well, I've been in class. I had to complete a forty hour course to become a US Sailing Level 1 Instructor. I managed to pass without drowning, or die from extreme embarrassment. I was training with a bunch of college kids, that were some of the best sailors I've ever seen. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with these young people. They taught me quite a bit, and I can honestly say that our future is in good hands. Thanks to Meredith, and Dianne for putting up with the old man. Any woman who would bite the knot out of a mainsheet for ya, is pretty special. One snippet about class. We had to tread water for 5 minutes without a life jacket, then swim 100 yards, then tread water while putting the life jacket back on, then tie a bowline knot around your waist before you can climb out. The water temperature was 48 degrees! The boys went north, if you know what I mean. I didn't think they would come back until July. :0 Well, now life can get back to normal. I have a house, and a boat to get into shape this summer. But first I'm going to sail that monster at the dock, and head out into the lake for some fun. Better be good weather this weekend, or I may have to call in sick when there's favorable wind. After two weekends on the boat, as a crash pad for me after class, I think she'll do as a floating home. Now we just have to see how she travels.

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