Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last sail?

Well, the tradition continues. We had a nice sail. No speed records broken, and the wind did calm down to about 5 knots in the end, but it was a flat water day with plenty of sunshine. A few complained that it wasn't good sailing at all, but I disagree. What is good sailing? High wind, wild ride? Moderate breeze, flat water? The thing about sailing is, you never know what you'll get. Suppose in soccer, or hockey, you score a goal every other time you have the ball, or puck. Wouldn't that take away the thrill of scoring a goal? If every day was a perfect sail, we'd get bored pretty quickly, and eventually find something else to occupy our time with. Part of the fun is finding, discovering that perfect sail. The thrill, and challenge of handling the boat in different, or changing conditions is what makes sailing such a great sport. You never know what you'll get. So, if you're out there in 5 knots, or 25 knots, enjoy it. It's better than sitting in your cubicle! We spied another center cockpit boat out near the bluffs, and I decided to tack away and check it out. Not sure of the make, but the nice folks on board were snapping photos of our boat, while we were getting shots of theirs. More of us should do this, so we can have photos of our boats under sail. We yelled out "", and now we hope they connect, and we can exchange photos. Smile! We may try to get another sail in this next weekend. Trying to avoid the inevitable. I'm not ready yet, and neither is Deb. We'll keep an eye on the weather, and maybe, just maybe we'll get another "perfect sail" in.

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  1. Hi Paul and Deb , Deb and I wanted to thank Deb for the sailing leasons at the RYC. WE enjoyed your
    note about what a good day of sailing is your right.
    Here is our Email address Gary and Deb.