Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Looks a lot like winter

Well I guess I've got to settle into the winter season, unless we get some warmer weather, like we did last December. It's tough to get out to the boat and work, when you have to walk through a foot of snow. My cover has a few holes already, but I expect that. Those cheap blue tarps really don't last long. I hope to remove the old water tanks, and install new. One of the tanks being a holding tank. That should be fun. There's no way I will do this when it's warm out, as it will stink to high heaven. Wonder if Deb will help with this job? I also need to add DC refrigeration. The AC unit is pretty old and noisy. Looks like it came out of an old Frigidaire. It's a Crosby unit that works pretty good, but sucks the life out of the batteries. Not good for anchoring out, which we will do more of. I will add batteries just for the refer, as I'm pretty anal about energy usage. With other things I'm just oral. I talk about it, but never actually do it :) We need to clean and paint some more, but we can do that in the water. The bottom paint is peeling off, and I have to decide whether I should strip it all off (work), or chip off the loose stuff, and re-paint (easy). Hmm If we do get a warm up in December, I'm going to splash the Kayak in Irondeqoit creek, and paddle my ass off. Been itching to paddle some H2O. Need more time in the gym first, so when I squeeze into a wet suit, I don't push all the blood to my head and pass out. Irondequoit Creek View Larger Map Indian Landing which was located on Irondequoit Creek, for many years was used by the indigenous Iroquois as the beginning of the portage route which stretched along Ellison Park.

The Lost City of Tryon, originally founded in hopes of creating a commercial settlement, used the Irondequoit Creek for trade. A store was built that bartered with the Seneca Indians, beginning its trading roots. Rumors are the park is haunted. We've heard some strange things deep in the park, while floating along through the woods. Not someplace I would want to paddle at night. Might be a few Indian graves about. :0

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