Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

In some ways, I'm glad 2008 is over, but there were some significant events for us that were a pleasure to experience. Nicole graduating was a special moment, not just because we are so proud of her, but also because this is the tipping point in our plan of going cruising in 5 years. It's all down hill from here :) Getting to sail Alert around the eastern half of the lake was a joy, and somewhat of a relief in the fact that, we now know she's a good sailing vessel. Cruising on her was fun, and exciting at times. Our oldest daughter Kelly has been successful, living on her own, and enjoying life, even though we still call her every day. That really annoys her sometimes, but she better get used to it :) I'm hoping they both get their HAM radio license, so I can communicate while in some far away port. We are alive and healthy, and still employed (knock on wood), and I see better days ahead. I am being an optimist from here on out, as there is no point in sulking and complaining if it has no impact other than bringing everyone else down to your miserable level. I'm not even going to call that a new years resolution, because... A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one Year and out the other. Wishing you all a happy and successful new year. Peace, Love and Understanding

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Coughing, sneezing

Maybe a shot of rum, and some tylenol will help me get through this lousy cold. I've read a book, watched the Bills lose, watched Miami win, spent too much time in the cruisers forum, and nodded off from time to time. What a day. Oh yea, we lost power too, and I was sent a photo of my boat cover blowing off :(
Looks like my retractable tarp failed to close properly. This will give me something to do for the rest of the week, while on vacation. Good thing my energetic daughter is here to help. I've been surfing the web for last few days, when not reading and sleeping off this cold. I came across this video of two brothers, who crossed the Atlantic, and made a short video of their trip. Enjoy.