Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blog Exposure

Did you ever say to someone at work "Hey, I have a blog", and then they ask for the address, and you start thinking, "do I want people at work to read my ramblings? Is there something that they would read and think "weirdo!", or your boss gets a hold of the address and picks up on the fact you went sailing the day you called in sick! I worried about that recently, and have heard of horror stories with facebook, and work. After some careful consideration, I figure what the hell, let them read it. If it spreads around work, that I got a little drunk in Kingston, and was smiling stupidly at a rather hot looking French Canadian woman in the laundromat sitting next to my wife, well what's the harm in that? If I wore a towel as a turban, and spoke of the excitement of "fresh towel Sunday", pretending to be Indian, well so what. If I set my boat on fire while making coffee, before leaving for a fire training exercise, well, what's the harm? I think that the folks at work will just feel like they know you that much better, though it may get a bit lonely at lunch.

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