Friday, February 27, 2009

The longest car purchase in history

Garvis, our newest family member, and car salesman, spent an enjoyable ten hours chatting with us about life, life in Texas, Texas horses, Texas snakes, scorpions, black widow spiders, cars, his family, our family, and on occasion, some minor snippet about the car we were trying to buy. We waited in the "lounge", we waited in a restaurant, we waited outside, we mostly waited. Our new pal sat with us to watch several interesting shows on the TV. He really liked the travel channel, and the redhead woman who rode a horse, of course, through Texas to gather some rare rocks, only found in Texas, of course. Now picture Garvis as a late seventies guy, with late seventies glasses, and his starched white company logo shirt stuffed into his pants, which were pulled up high to his chest on his five foot four inch frame, pulled tight by the belt with the big buckle. His tractor logo baseball cap, and the pens in his pocket, let you know he means business, and that business is selling cars...eventually. The reason it took so long, was the banks were deciding if Nicole was worthy of a loan. I guess GMAC is being a little more careful with our bailout money we gave them. Wish Bank of America was doing the same. Though it took a lot longer than we expected, Nicole got her car, and is happy, until that damn payment book shows up. We got the car about 8:40pm, and had to drive from Alice to Corpus Christi, about 45 minutes, but it was dark, and we were in unknown territory. Now, it was about 72 degrees last night, and we stopped for a train to go by. On the right was an old Chevy, from around the early seventies, and on the left was a pick up, towing a trailer with two painted ponies in it. Yes, we're in Texas. Except for the driving, things take a little longer here in Texas, and that's OK. The time you wait is not wasted, as the people here are a joy to talk to. Maybe we all need to slow it down and make a little conversation, and get to know one another. You never know who may be your next buddy.

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  1. when do you come home? I thought you were going to be at the JA bowling on Saturday?