Sunday, March 8, 2009


Went to a Buffalo Sabres game the other nite. Had a great time, but was it worth $158.00 for a ticket? Yikes. I didn't pay, it was a gift, but as I looked around me, I noticed families. People with kids in the rows around me, that were paying $158 bucks for their kids to sit there and get sick on cotton candy. Most of the little munchers didn't even know what was happening on the ice, and didn't look unless the horn went off. Are these people wealthy, or just got their priorities mixed up. Sorry Johnny, it's junior college for you, as we're going to 40 Sabres games this year. Beer and I don't get along anymore. It was a manly night out, which means we get stupid by drinking too much, and smile at women that aren't remotely interested in us. Mostly we talk sports, women, sports, and women. After a while our lips, and tongue aren't in sync anymore, and the words come out a bit distorted. We think we're speaking just fine, but you notice people looking at you funny, and then it dawns on you, that you might be three sheets to the wind. We didn't drive that night, and our brains were functioning enough to avoid the hotel bar. I have to say, that I can not compete in that arena anymore. I'm ready for the sun downer in the cockpit, while watching the big yellow ball sink over the horizon. Consuming mass quantities is for the younger more seasoned (pickled) among us.

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