Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Snow and Rain

I have to add another entry here, before any more of my relatives think the last post was real. I did not burn down ten boats, Deb did not leave me, and more importantly, I did not eat bacon. Oops, I guess Deb not leaving me would be more important than the bacon. I do, on occasion, get caught playing air guitar to VanHalen, Led Zep, Genesis, etc. That's the first April fools joke I played in a while, and it got the people I thought it would...sorry Mom. Sis, you should have known better, but thanks for the concern :) It's snowing again! Damn it. Guess I'll work on the dirt dwelling instead of the boat. My fire systems has been delivered. My Mom will be happy about that. All my new ball valves got here too. Maybe tomorrow I'll install a few. I'm alone at home today, Deb is keeping the economy rolling. Might be time for a little air guitar. I'll go back to my youth, and one of my favorite bands. Yea, Rock on! And here, all the way from Australia, to keep you rockin', The Easybeats

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