Friday, July 3, 2009

With Child

Daughter number two from Texas, is visiting our rainy and cold territory this weekend. Amazing how loud the house gets when she's home :) Apparently they do not have good bagels in Texas. So when she finally drags her butt down here we'll get her a good old New York bagel. She's amazed at how green everything is here. Texas is kind of brown, but here in NY we have the green. Why? Because it rains ALL THE TIME! We plan to sail on Saturday, as the weather should be better. I am itching to sail the tub, and the next few days we will have about 15 knots, so it should be decent. Gary and Deb got out. Get the sails up you guys! You know you're getting old when you totally enclose your cockpit. We used to sail with no canvas at all, because we felt it interfered with the wind on our faces, and kept you from moving around the boat. Sun, wind, water in the face felt great, now it's only fun once in a while. We do get to extend our season a little, plus it's nice to be in the cockpit when it's raining, and it keeps the cold lake wind off our old bones. Yes, we're wimps. Oh yea, we still have the cat. She's going to fly out on Monday....right.

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