Friday, August 14, 2009


We had a great night at anchor, with the exception of the drag alarm going off at midnight. Deb woke me up yelling, “The anchor alarm, the anchor alarm!” We both ran to the cockpit to silence the alarm, and survey the situation. No problem, we just shifted in the breeze, and my distance of 80 feet was way to short. Oops. Oh well, we had a good laugh, stumbling over each other trying to get topsides. I’m just disappointed I didn’t hear it. Now that the wind has shifted, the guys next to us are directly behind us. We were here first, so if it starts to blow, you guys got to go. Today we will explore the island. The last time we were here, it was with the girls, when they were teens. Should bring back some memories, like the snake attack. Come on Deb, wake up! We took the dinghy over to the island, and walked the trails. We recalled the time everyone left me for the snakes, while up to my head in the water. The snakes came out of the reeds, and were going to attack my face, and nobody said anything, or maybe they did, but I couldn’t hear them from a hundred yards away! I jumped out of the water, and through a few rocks at the bastards, and they and I both moved on. That seems so long ago now. The island has some nice groomed trails to walk about, and it was not very crowded. Deb was treated to a kid running down the trail with a snake dangling from his hands. There were plenty of houseboats docked, with little Honda generators running onshore. Why do they need all that power? Back on the boat I did some chores, like getting the anchor light working. You would have thought that would have been top priority, seeing how it’s the fourth night at anchor, but I have a battery powered lantern that I hang on the forestay at night. We were ok. We’ll head to Camelot Island tomorrow, to see what that’s like. It’s hit or miss on finding a spot to anchor. My worry is that we will not find a suitable spot at all. Next year we avoid the first week in August, as that is a Canadian holiday week. I think it’s time for a Dark and Stormy.

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