Monday, August 10, 2009

Gone With the Wind

The following is a re-cap of our cruise. We were without internet, and most other stuff for about a week. As the internet pops in and out I will post.


We left Sodus bay on Saturday bound for Little Sodus bay/ Fair Haven NY with sunny skies and a light breeze. After refueling at Katlynn marine, and the longest pumpout ever (boat had a lot of crap, like the owner) we set out for points east.

It wasn’t long before my nice relaxing sail turned into a race, as Rick and Karin on No More Dancing were on our tail. I’m sure they were thinking that the big old tub was going to be an easy game in light air. They were right, but it took them a while to catch us. We dropped anchor among many boats, who were just there for the day, forcing us to the outside. No More Dancing dropped next to us, and Jim and Barb in Reach, got the sweet spot. Well, it was a sweet spot after the party power boats left.

We had a nice dinner aboard No More Dancing, and had some laughs. Our friends were leaving in the morning, and we were going to stay another day.

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