Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Name Change

As you readers know, we have a stupid name for our boat. When we bought the boat, she was called Alert. Yes, Alert. We knew we had to change it, and change it we did, to another stupid name. I will not mention this one, but it did not have any real meaning. We never changed the name on the transom, which is a good thing, but now Alert must go. For one thing, nobody ever calls us on the radio. As soon as you say "Alert Alert Alert", you figure the coasties will call to ask what the emergency is. It would have been easier for us if the boat had some really bad name, like Ass Clown, which would have been peeled off right away. Screw the ceremony, the Gods would understand that one. So anyway we tried mixing up the kids names (Kelly and Nicole) a bit to come up with something clever, but the only thing that sounded right was..... Drum roll please...... Yes, we are now the S/V KellyNicole. They are a big part of our lives, and this is our way of taking them with us. I like the shamrock, as it reminds me of their smiling Irish eyes, which they got from their mom. Mine have bags.


  1. DUDE, you have a picture of my boat in your last photo at Beaurivage. That's us in the background!!! And the photo of the trihull, Greyhound, is our friend who had the rock island in your photo with the mrs to the side. We went to Gant too for a walk. I wanted to stop into the Irish Pub for a beer, but the Admrial was out to set a record for money not spent :) LOL. We did well till the $30 Frigging pump out (More story later)

    We have got to get together soon. Our house closed and we are out of here on the 15th +- a day for the canal.

  2. I can't believe you were right there! I'm usually pretty nosey about who's in the area, but i was so focused on the engine problems that I didn't take the time to look around. I'm surprised we didn't bump into you on the island, or in Gan. The Ericson is a boat I should have spotted too.