Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A new home for the summer

After little thought, and a few emotions, we decided to leave Oak Park Marina. We have been toying with the idea of selling the house, and moving aboard for the summer. If this happens, then we really have to evaluate our marina, to see if it's suitable for LA's (LiveAboards). We gave the place an evaluation, and decided we had to go. Oak Park is a great place, and we would stay if we weren't looking to LA. So our new home for the summer will be in Katlynn Marina, up at Sodus Point, NY. 

I wish we could take the A-dock sailors with us, as they are the best, but time to move on. This feels like our first step in our great adventure of living on the boat, and sailing to new places. We have some friends moving to the same marina, so it will be a good time there too.
We will miss the view from the back deck, as it's the best, but anchoring out gives us an even better view. So, to all at Oak Park, sorry, the break wall is leaving. If you see my bike parked outside Captain Jack's, stop in and I'll buy you a cold one.

I will miss these sunsets. I'll have to go to the beach to see them now.

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