Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vitamin D

So, as the winter months arrive, both Deb and I start to feel, well, kind of crappy. We always thought it was just the cold, the snow, the gray skies, the miserable shoppers, the treacherous driving, going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark, ice storms, and no sailing.
Well it's not that at all!  We lack vitamin D! Actually we lack a lot of vitamin D. Deb was really low, and that can explain a lot of things going on, but I won't go there. Maybe I just did. I was told to start taking it, as I was very low too, and Deb has to mega-dose. All the aches and pains are not all due to old age creeping in. The generally low level of energy and the blah's, that we've been feeling, have a lot to due with low levels of D. We need sun!  Twenty minutes in the sun gives you all you need for the day. If you are in the northern latitudes, you can't get it from the sun during the winter. I guess pills will have to get us through to May. Now I understand why so many cruisers feel so great after they sail away. It's not the lifestyle, it's the sun!  OK, the lifestyle is pretty cool too :)

So, for all you miserable assholes north of latitude 35... you need more vitamin D!

Google vitamin D, or read this.

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