Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting our act together

So much to do before the closing, only weeks away. We really have to get going on clearing out the house, as we are running out of time. Selling all the stuff is not as easy as we thought. Some of our relatives are helping out by taking some things like furniture, and some other household items we do not want in the apartment. Speaking of apartments, we are looking at one on Monday. One bedroom. Still bigger than the boat, but not much room for extra stuff. This is going to remind me of my bachelor days, having a bike in the bedroom. Not sure what Deb will allow in the apartment. The Sunfish leaning against a wall might be too much. Guess we'll have to have a storage facility for now, as we love the Kayaks, and Sunfish racing may still be in my future.
We may get some more sailing in this week, as I am on vacation, and getting the house ready is a priority, so if I get all that crap done early we may have time for a sail or two.
We are now wired to cyberspace, so I can bore you with more posts.

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