Saturday, June 12, 2010


It was a battle, but we just needed one good weekend to get her together, and in the water. We arrived Friday night at Katlynn Marine in Sodus Point. We've met some very nice folks already, and have spotted some friends from Oak Park. The boat is one big dis-organized mess right now, but we've got all summer to get her ship shape. After all the effort on the house, and the craziness at work, it's not going to be a rush job when it comes to the boat. Not stress allowed on board!

Shine On

Lowered into the muck

The fun part. Thought I could just be a bystander...

But we all got involved. Heavy mast.

Ready for her new home. Goodbye Oak Park.

We got to our new marina, but someone was in our slip. We new this, as we had been inspecting earlier, but we had hoped they would be gone by the time we got there. Nope. So we went into a slip a few down, and as we were approaching I thought, "are we going to fit?" Well, we didn't. We wedged the fat old girl right between the piling and the dock. I was barely making way, so it was a love tap, but now what? We thankfully saw the power boat in our slip had crew getting her ready to leave, so we stayed wedged for a bit, much to the delight of the locals. Actually it's a nice way to dock, just pull forward slowly until you stick. After a slight delay, we backed out, and pulled her into her new home.
Feels good.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting there

We have half the boat waxed. The other half was going to happen today, but if it doesn't stop raining, we'll have to come up with other chores. We cleaned the hull with 3M Finesse-it, then put on a coat of Fleetwax. Love the Fleetwax. Deb  put it on, I took it off. Team work.

I bumped into the prop, and I noticed it was a bit loose. There is some play in the prop, on the shaft. Looks the the key could be worn, but it looks ok. The prop just came off after I unscrewed the lock nuts. I assumed it would be tougher than that. I will get some new keystock, and see how well it goes back together.

Got a few nibbles on the house, but nothing real promising.  We hope to be in the water next week, if all goes well.