Monday, January 17, 2011

Blow up dolls are NOT recognized flotation devices.

From the news.
First this:
TWO bull sharks have reportedly been spotted swimming down the main street of a flooded Queensland town, 30km inland.
Butcher Steven Bateman spotted two bull sharks swimming near his Goodna shop yesterday - one of several reports of a sharks in Goodna's main street.
Ipswich local councillor Paul Tully confirmed it was a bizarre but true story out of Queensland's flood disaster.
"It would have swum several kilometres in from the river, across Evan Marginson Park and the motorway,'' Cr Tully told The Queensland Times.
"It's definitely a first for Goodna, to have a shark in the main street.
"I know Steve (Bateman) and he wouldn't say he saw a shark unless he really saw one."
The local MP Jo-Ann Miller also said she believed Mr Bateman’s sighting was genuine.
“Steve wouldn’t lie about something like that. He’s very well known in the community," she told The Queensland Times.
Bull sharks are the third most likely shark to attack a human being. They are noted for their aggressive behaviour and often swim in shallow waters along coasts and rivers.
They can tolerate fresh water and have been known travel long distances along rivers.

Then this:

UPDATE 8.34am: AS THEY worked to fight floods across the state emergency services workers had to take time out to rescue a dim-witted duo riding an inflatable doll down the Yarra River.
The man and woman, both 19, were left clinging to a fallen gum tree in the middle of the river in North Warrandyte when one of the doll's snagged on the tree and their caper went horribly wrong about 4.30pm.
An SES watercraft came to their rescue not far from Bradleys Lane about an hour later.
While it is understood the blow up doll and several other inflatable items were salvaged from the scene, the bottoms of the rescued woman's bathers were long gone down the river.
A blanket was required to protect her modesty as she exited the water.
Police said this morning the pair had just floated by the Pound Bend Tunnel when the water became turbulent and the women lost her grip on the doll and grabbed hold of the floating tree.
Sen-Constable Wayne Wilson said a passer-by heard the pair's calls, and called triple zero.
A kayaker took life jackets to the distressed pair, before the SES managed to get an inflatable boat to the scene.
Sen-Constable Wilson said the pair did not need medical help.
The incident led police to warn that blow-up dolls were not recognised floatation devices.

I guess they didn't hear about the sharks in town. What I want to know is...what position is best for using a doll as a flotation device? Should I keep spares on board?

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