Saturday, January 15, 2011


So I got all worked up about tickets to Tampa to see Jimmy, and I waited until 10 am today to hop online and score some passes to Margaritaville for the family.
SCORE! I had a lock on 5 tickets in the third row! The clock was ticking in the little box to the right. I had two minutes to decide. I was so excited I never checked the price.
$787.00  What the..
I was a bit shocked, then adding the airfare, and I was a bit dismayed. I just couldn't hit the button to purchase. Solar panels, wind generator, watermaker, new batteries, refrigeration, all flashed before my eyes. Several thousand dollars for four hours of fun just didn't click, and neither did the mouse.

Well, Jimmy, maybe I'll see you on the beach somewhere warm in a few years. I'll bring my guitar.

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  1. Oh, we feel your pain! It seems we rarely spend money on anything that doesn't go on the boat. We love Jimmy, but over $700 for tickets?! We've been able to see him at Jazz Fest here in New Orleans. Hopefully he'll be there again this year. Save your money for living the life instead of just singing about it! =)