Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ice cold delivery

A friend asked me to help deliver his Sabre 34 from Sodus Bay to Rochester yesterday. What looked like a bumpy motoring for 30 miles into the wind, ended up being a dead motor, close hauled adventure through four foot waves. Not the most pleasant ride I've ever been on, but a good adventure on a nice boat. We pinched most of the way, with only one tack. As we entered the Genesee river, the wind got light, and allowed us to ghost up river, where we fired up the engine to get her into the slip.

The Westerbeke ran smooth for about a half hour after we tied up. Figures. I believe the problem to be a dirty Racor filter, but my fellow sailor had none in stock. No harm, we made it just fine, and I feel better for sailing the whole way. My toes and fingers did not share in the thrill of sailing, as it was about 45 degrees...same temperature as the water. So to thaw out completely, we booked a cruise to Bermuda!

I feel the need for pink sand, sun, and dark rum.

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  1. Cruise to Bermuda?! We are so jealous, but can't wait to see the pics. When?!