Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter work

Have to pull the injectors on the Yanmar this winter. Going to send them out for a tuneup. I think I have a bad one, which is causing the white smoke and fuel out the exhaust when the engine is cold. Could be wrong, but many people have agreed that the injectors is the place to start. I also have to run new fuel lines to my dual Racors. Refrigeration needs to be completed, so we can be off the grid this summer, in case we decide to head south after the wedding.
I am going to do this during some cold weather, and I'm now looking for a reasonably priced heater, that can keep the interior nice and toasty while I get some work done. Has to be under 30 amps too.

I remember one cold harsh winter day at Oak Park Marina, when I decided it was a good day to check on the boat in about 6 feet of snow. Some days you just need to get out. Anyway, I was inside the old Hunter, and I kept hearing muffled voices. I swore I was the only one stupid enough to be out there, so I checked on a few things, then went outside to check on some friends boats. As I walked down the line of tarp covered boats, the voices I heard earlier were louder. Someone was having a good time, and they were grilling too. In a Catalina with snow all around it were some friends having a grand old time partying it up, and getting ready to go out and watch the sunset! What the hell. Turns out they had a propane heater blasting hot air into the cabin, and were having some dinner and a few bottles. After a surprising hello, they said they were staying the night! OK, now that's dedication.
Not sure I want to take it to that level, but a good heat source would make all the difference.
How about this one?

Nothing like a little ambiance in the cabin. Might even get Deb to come out there with this all fired up.
This one burns coal or wood, and after an hour or so, I might be like that beaver over the pipe a few posts ago. Don't think I can get it up the ladder.

I  should go with something a tad smaller, yet able to throw some heat. Here we go. Amish style. Hmmm. Where would they plug this in?
LifeSmart LS-1500 Amish Style Portable Infrared Heater with Thermostat

LifeSmart LS-1500 Amish Style Portable Infrared 

This LifeSmart Infrared Heater is designed to heat your home without reducing humidity or oxygen, maintaining a healthy and comfortable living enviroment all while SAVING YOU UP TO 50% ON YOUR HEATING BILL! No parts to replace or costly service repairs like many other heaters, and best of all its safe for you and your family. This heater does not get hot and will not burn your children or pets. Heats up to 1200 square feet.
OK, I guess I'm settling for something like this:
No Amish styling, but it's cheap. Maybe with two of these things cooking, I might get some work done this winter. Or, I could just go with the propane salamander, sleeping bag, bottle of rum, swim shorts, flap hat, and watch the sunset over the bay. Sorry for that image :)

Bring it on.


  1. Sure wish you had experimented with heating technology last year when you weren't parked next to me!!! I'll be sure to check for bodies if I see the van parked in a snow drift (I want be careful not to trip over one when reaching for the rum...)

  2. Your concern for our welfare is heart warming. If I go with the salamander, would you like me to shrink your tarp a little?