Monday, March 19, 2012


Because of the beautiful weather, we uncovered early, and I started to clean up the hull. The damn cover kind of rubbed off on the topsides, so I have little black blotches all over her. Most of it came off with a little light rubbing, but I have some spots that require machinery, instead of my skinny arms.

Amazing how great the weather was. There were maybe 4 of us in the yard the whole weekend. Weird. Thought it would be pretty busy. Some folks driving by were amused by us taking the cover off so early. "Way too early sonny boy!" is what I imagine the old coots saying. So we get some more snow, big deal. Not like it's going to last long. If anything it will scrub off the dirt on the deck as it melts.

Ours is in the middle. Looks good from here.

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