Monday, March 12, 2012

Here we go

This was the first of many boat work weekends ahead. Time to get rolling, as we're going to run out of time quickly, considering the workload.

I have an incredible list of stuff to get done, on top of all the wedding stuff that will almost certainly interfere. Let's see, Daughter getting married, boat getting launched. I think we'll need the boat to escape to after the wedding, so I'll focus on that. Does a Dad really have any say in the wedding plans anyway? All I have to do is provide cash, pick out a suit, and hand my daughter over :( 

I'll try not to cry, but even a pretty boat will bring tears, so I'm a goner I guess.

Got the new holding tank for the aft head. Thirty gallons. Friends of ours accepted the delivery, as it was too big for the PO Box. Our friends Kate and Frank have been graciously accepting the odd deliveries for over a year now. The UPS guy has actually asked them who this Paul guy was. I think Kate blushed a little, assuming he thought that there was another man in the house. Ha ha ha, I should order something from and see how red her face gets :)   I don't even know if there is such a site, so let me know if it's something interesting. Not a good thing to click on during your lunch hour, so I'll leave it up to you.

My buddy Frank thinks this is too small for all the crap I have.

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  1. Your daughter's wedding .. wow! We can only imagine the emotions you'll be having. I'm sure we'll be experiencing all of that in a few years with our daughter.

    We also have a lot of crap ... might need a much bigger holding tank. LOL!