Monday, March 26, 2012


Crosby left some remains, and I spent a day removing the plumbing and cleaning up the fridge and freezer compartments. In the fridge there was this empty barbed fitting at the top of the compartment, and I had no idea what it was for. I did not have the boats drawings handy, so I tried to trace the hose attached to it. The fitting was attached to a pipe that ran through the fridge wall, to another barbed fitting on the other side. This side had a hose that ran down into the bilge. I traced it out, and it looked like it was an open hose to the bilge. What the heck? Well, I needed a hole for the seafrost tubing, so I decided to take it off. Ha, no way that was coming off easy. The damn thing was plastered with 5200, all the way through the wall. You ever look at something, and decide it wouldn't be worth messing with, but you mess with it anyway?

Took me three hours to get that stupid piece of pipe out of there. Whoever did the job used so much 5200 that they plugged up most of the pipe. After I got the hose free, I pushed and pulled some, and found it to be attached to a hand pump under the galley sink. So, it looks like it was a pump for spilled beer and stuff at the bottom of the fridge. Not sure I need a pump for the fridge. I'll leave it connected, and coiled under the sink. Might make a good emergency bilge pump some day.

While in the engine room, I tried to clean up some of the belt dust that got everywhere when we burned up some belts a few years ago. I have been slacking a bit in cleaning this mess up, but now that Crosby is gone there is more room in there. So I gave it a once over. That dust is difficult to remove. Might have to use water, then suck it out of the bilge. Hey, I'll use the new found hand pump for that!

Someone got carried away with the silver engine paint, and got some in my hair :)


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