Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gone South

Hanging out in Florida. We're on a scouting mission of sorts. More on that later.

Not real crazy about the marinas down here on the north east Florida coast. They all have shallow water and  strong currents. Lake sailors are a spoiled bunch. Having to wait for high tide to get out will be different. I am having some fun poking around the place while Deb is working, but managed to do the stupid guy thing, and flop into a beach side bar for a "few", and sample the deep fried menu. Mr tummy was not very happy later.

Enjoying the Sun and palm trees while I can, though as usual, whenever we leave Sodus Bay they have great sailing weather. 10-16 knots out of the south and temps in the high 80's. This means flat water and high wind. Screaming reaches all damn day.  I'll have to hear all about it next week.

Fernandina Beach was very nice, and I wouldn't mind staying there for a while. Looks like a fun little town, but I could see it draining the wallet pretty fast. The marina was nice, and the people there were friendly. Long waiting list for docks.

Going to poke around St Augustine again.


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