Monday, July 2, 2012

Big Boat Day

The wind and waves were up yesterday, and I was told it was a "Big boat day". Kelly and Eric stopped by for a sail, and we took off down the southern shore, heading east. We had anywhere from 8 to 20 knots, and we reached out for about 10 miles, then fought the wind and waves coming back. Kind of a quiet sail, conversation wise. Deb was more quiet than usual this weekend, and the kids were just content looking out at the sunny whitecaps. I was running around tweaking sails of course. At one point I think Deb fell asleep at the helm. What is it about sailing that puts her to sleep? It's not the sailing she likes, it's the napping!  :)   I was busy in the heavy air, so I neglected to take some photos, but it was an exceptional day.

I mentioned last post about getting the boat ready to sail, while living aboard. About how it takes so long to get her ready, as you have to secure everything. Well, we forgot a few things. We had an open drawer, with knives on the floor, a puddle of hummus, this is where a dog would be nice, various books and stuff scattered about, and in the head a large bottle of tank deodorant fell and spilled blue all over the floor. It could have been a scene from the Smurfs version of Psycho. Most of it filled the shower drain, and we were lucky it didn't contain formaldehyde or we would have passed out from the fumes. It does smell minty fresh down below.
I was hoping the GPS would show up in all the chaos. I still can't find the damn thing.

Oh, by the way... We have refrigeration!! Yes, I completed a project. Thank you, thank you, you're too kind, thanks. OK, it's not fully complete, as the temp control is laying under the steps, and nothing is boxed in, and the tubing needs insulation, but hey, we have cold beer! So far the solar is having no problem with the fridge either. Sweet.

Everyone I know has this week off, and I'm in a dark hot factory. This sucks. This is the first July holiday week I've worked in over 20 yrs, and I don't like it. But I know that when I get home, there is an ice cold beer waiting for me, inside an actual refrigerator. I think I'll take a few days off from project work.



  1. Now I might have to go Google up some Smurf slasher films

  2. Work is entirely over rated, in my opinion. And I completely understand the napping thing on the boat. I do not nap at home, but get me on the sailboat and morpheus overtakes me quickly. I think it's the stress relief of being on the boat. It happens the minute I step aboard. If you do not have a boat hammock, might I make that suggestion!