Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick update

We are in Worton Creek Md!  We finally got out of Delaware Bay. Many who watched the SPOT were wondering what the hell we were doing. Well, we'll explain later, but everything worked out OK, and we got through the C&D canal just fine. We're tired, a little cranky maybe. I smell like a bear, or a wet dog, we're not sure, and the locals in Worton creek are rather unusual, but entertaining and friendly. We like it. All is well. Much explaining later.



  1. Glag to see that you made through the toughest part of the trip. See you when you get down this way....

    1. Hopefully I can buy you guys a round before we take off for the sunshine state. Leaving for Rochester by car tomorrow, for a week of work. Bastards wouldn't let me have 4 straight weeks off. They should know I'll be totally useless next week, as my mind will still be on the water. I understand a lot more about cruising now, then I did before we left. You can only absorb so much from blogs. It's been good so far, and I think you are right, we've gone through the toughest part.

      See you later.