Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rocky and the Arab

We're in the ICW, in Great Bridge Va. We sit here tonight, and wait for the bridges to open tomorrow for the trip through the canal. Found a spot at a marina wall, and met some interesting people. Rocky from Webster, NY! Small world, and he has a Morgan too! Weird world. Met some French speaking Arab in a steel boat, who has the slowest boat in the world. He followed us into the marina, then came over to talk. I had Rocky and the Arab, both smoking and yapping, and me laughing as Rocky messed with the French guy. The whole scene was quite funny for us, who don't get out much. Deb was in the boat speechless...or course :) 

Rocky has been cruising for a while, and has some good experience I can tap into, but we are leaving in the morning. The French Arab moved on, to where I don't know. I'm sure he will be in front of me doing 2 knots sometime soon.

We've had  some dirty fuel issues, but now that it's primarily flat water, I'm hoping the muck in my tanks stays at the bottom. I have many filters, and I can change one pretty quick now, but I have less room to work with in these narrow channels.

Went to dinner at Kelly's in Great Bridge, and it was very good, with great service. Crossing the busy roadway was a bit tricky. Kind of like the old Frogger video game. I have not seen Deb run in years :)
What a fun life cruising will be.

Paul and Debra


  1. So, was the dog's name Brian? What did you guys talk about?

    1. Don, you knob. You replied to the wrong post. The dog's name is "Skinny", and we talked about some bitch in Sodus Pt. that keeps sticking her nose in my crotch.

    2. Hopefully everyone knows I'm referring to your dog Izzy

    3. I had a premonition about you talking to a dog in a bar. We've been out to bars before, you know. Not a stretch.

      Izzy misses you too ;o)