Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New York and back to work

Well, it had to end sooner or later. I'm back in the plant and doing the same old stuff I did before I left. People were genuinely happy to see me I guess. Wish I could say the same. Not many questions about the trip, as I had taken a total of five weeks off, and that's kind of unheard of in this place. Most people here are workaholics that only take long weekends, and they're treating me like some kind of rebel.  I think they're worried I may start a trend, so some of the managers are giving me the cold shoulder. Not talking to managers is a blessing for me, so I hope it continues. I half expected to be placed on second shift or something as a lesson for the rest of them not to do the same.

Debra is also working, but she gets to put on shorts after work and walk around in the sun and palm trees. I'm wearing a fleece lined jacket to work, and the heat is on in the apartment. This sucks. On the plus side I get to see Kelly and Eric. Kell feels she has to entertain and care for me in Deb's absence, and it's kind of funny actually. The apartment is quiet, and I'm spending my time cooking, so Kell will benefit from that. They are stopping by to check on me tonight, and then we're meeting for drinks on Thursday. Geez guys, I'm totally capable of living on my own... until laundry day, or the toilets need cleaning.

Friday I drive back down to Florida to deliver Deb's Saturn, and then fly back on Sunday. The Vue is bright red, and I'll have a girls bike strapped to the back. Not really liking that. I might have to wear a Bills Raiders jersey, or some NASCAR gear.  I don't need any unwanted attention at the rest stops.

So, I guess we are officially separated, for a few months anyhow. I am in charge of eliminating any trace of our existence in Rochester, by selling or giving away what's left of our dirt dwelling possessions. I look forward to meeting all those crazy Craigslist people again. Sure they are entertaining, but I might buy some pepper spray and a baseball bat. Just in case.




  1. Living in the cold while Deb is in Florida must suck, but it sounds like it's going to be a thing of the past in a few months ... exciting stuff!

  2. Interesting story, you are erasing your traces in NY state. I am calling Senator Chuck Shumer to investigate this, we can't have tax paying employed people leaving NY State, leave your money here!

  3. I've almost given up on craigslist. The last three things I've listed? Five spam responses to each and not a single real one.

    I admire you for what you're doing but I don't think we could manage being apart that long.

    S/V Kintala

    1. It's not going to be easy, even though the bachelor pad had it's first party already :)

      I am having our friends pick over the remaining stuff before I post anything to craigslist. Hopefully most of it will go. I'm hoping by January I have one small bed and a suitcase left. For affect, I'll hang a single light bulb from the ceiling over the bed with an empty bottle of whiskey on the floor.

  4. Loved reading your posts about the boating adventure down to Florida. Glad you both arrived safe and sound. Paul do you have the countdown clock running?
    Deb - I'd love to hear your story about living on the boat in Fl and working while you are on your own. I give you a lot of credit - I don't think I could do it.

    S/V Nautilus

  5. Hey Barb. Thanks for checking in on us. Yes, I took down the countdown clock. I decided that the clock was kind of silly, as we will go when we are ready. That could be next year, or next month, or two years from now. We are not very good planners :) Is Nautilus all fixed up yet?

  6. so Ed's rumor was actually true!