Monday, November 26, 2012

Here and gone

I just left Debra crying at the airport, as she takes her flight south, away from the biting cold that has hit Rochester already, and away from the lonely sailor who loves her. Her visit was way too short, and unfortunately I was way too sick to enjoy the time we had together. I'm starting to come around, and am feeling like my old self again, but I pretty much missed the best of the holiday, and her visit. It was tough to enjoy the festivities with friends and relatives when your head felt like it was filled up with goo, and every word you spoke made you cough. I'm still purging, and trying to detox from all the cold medicine that helped me function the last four days. It was so great to see Deb. It's no fun not having the love of your life by your side for weeks at a time. The remaining time in that little apartment better go by fast.

Kelly and Eric hosted Thanksgiving dinner and they did a fantastic job. The torch has been passed, and it's good to see the next generation taking charge. The sidelines are the place to be, let me tell you.



  1. Keep your chin up. You'll forget all about it once you're on the boat. If we ever sell this damn house we'll be doing the same thing so I feel for ya.

    S/V Kintala

  2. What does a vegetarian east on Thanksgiving?
    Jacksonville will come soon.