Monday, February 11, 2013

A last look at Fall in NY

Something I may not experience again, is the Fall season in New York State. It is a special time up there, when the Sun lights up the turned leaves, and the smell of the apple presses in the cider mills fills the air. Pumpkins are lined up along roadside stands, and we all go out to our favorite farm markets for some cider and fry cakes on a Sunday morning. The air is crisp, and the leaves stick to your boots as you walk the field looking for the best pumpkin to put on your porch.

One of our favorite places in Webster NY, Schutt's.

Last October I got out to one of the parks along Lake Ontario for a hike through the leaves. I meant to post these photos back then, but I was so busy getting rid of stuff, and working overtime, that I never got the chance until now. Enjoy my last look at fall in NY.

The park I hiked that day was Beechwood State Park in Wayne county. This park was recently opened, but it had not seen any upkeep since it was a scout camp many years ago. I remember Deb and the girls camped there in a lean-to with the girl scouts. Now it's just creepy to see everything in it's state of decay. It was just me and the squirrels baby.

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Tall Pines.

Enter the forest

Creepy isn't it? Was waiting for a group of cultists to start walking slowly towards me.

I looked around for any empty Kool Aid packets. None found.

There was a Buck peeking out and looking at me, but when I moved it took off.

Bet this was a pretty cool scout camp at one time.

Yes, I looked inside. No killer clowns were waiting.

Lake Ontario looking uninviting as usual.

A wee bit of shoreline erosion.

I'm sure this has something to do with the cult's newcomer ceremony.

That white spec is the Sodus Bay Light.

This one looked inviting.


Bridge to nowhere.
Hallucinogenic lunch?

There's the X again

What a beautiful day. Not enough of them.

Deb and I Kayaked the creek a few years ago.

I know it looks beautiful, and you wonder if I'm going to miss New York State. I will miss the occasional beautiful day when we got sun, those two days in the fall every other year :)

One last look at Lake Ontario.


Cheers from Sunny Florida!


  1. Nice Pictures, you can still be a tourist in New York in the fall. Eventually you will have to move back to NY as we have the best income redistribution in the country (much better than no income tax Florida). Just get rid of all your own money before you return.

    1. Yes I can still tour NY in the Fall. I don't say "we", because Deb will not be there in anything under 70 degrees :) Looking like a summer visit instead. I suppose someday soon I will have to experience "no income tax", instead of just "no income".