Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Thirty degrees! What the hell. We woke up to a forty five degree cabin yesterday that was awfully hard to walk around in without a blanket over you. We should have left the heater on last night, but we're paranoid about the little made in China heat source turning the boat into a cremation furnace. That 2 am pee break was a tough decision.

Deb got out of the boat to hit the showers in the clubhouse, and I followed her out to turn on the propane for a little tea. She was on the dock when I told her not to fall in, just as I slipped on the ice covered deck and almost went over the rail. Debra watched to make sure I made it back in the cockpit. Deck shoes do not work well on ice.

Our water heater bit the big one recently. We had a leak. It was a small leak, but I wanted to check it out before it got bigger, so I yanked the water heater. While disconnecting it I broke the terminal off the temperature switch. Damn! With the tank removed I could see corrosion along the seam, plus some corrosion around the outlet tube. You know, I have been losing coolant at a slow rate, and now I'm wondering if the leak is in the water heater. The leaky heater is an old Atlantic model, not made anymore.

The corrosion on the outlet tube is pretty bad. Have to leak test somehow.

Anyhow, after realizing I may not be able to repair the unit, I am in the market for a new heater. Prices are outrageous. I'll probably spend the big bucks for the top of the line, so I can put the heater out of my mind for another 10 years. Everything I've read says to spend the extra money for the better unit, as the lower priced boxy units just do not last. It's so easy to go cheap, plus the cheap one is a perfect fit. I also tend to use the top of the water heater as a place to put my tools and stuff when working on the engine. Still thinking about this one, but not for too long as Deb wants a hot shower on board, not the long walk to the clubhouse at five in the morning.

Is this the way to go?

Some friends of ours from the Rochester area stopped by for a visit while on their drive south to the Keys. It was great seeing Jim and Barb, and we will miss them, especially on the water where they like to challenge you on a nice breezy day. We've had some fun moments on the water chasing one another. Thanks for stopping by you guys! Hope to see you this summer.

Last weekend we spent some quality time with our friends Deb and Rick at their palatial home in Hilton Head. We received a tour of the island, and it's bars :)  plus we were able to see where our daughter Nicole is having her wedding reception. Very nice. The bartender Anna even made the comment that I cleaned up well since the last time she saw me. Huh? She said I was there with some younger woman, and I needed a shave. She said I had just got off the boat after a rough night out. Oy, the looks I got. Apparently my doppelganger is out there somewhere, unshaven, with a younger babe. Hahaha. I can't wait to meet him.

Well, it's warming up again, but it's laundry day, so I'll be sitting in a steamy laundromat for a few hours. Joy.



  1. We didn't go far enough south. Should have applied for that job in Ft. Lauderdale, oy. Although, I can't imagine what slip fees would be like there.....

    1. We'll be praying for the cold once summer hits and the boat is a pizza oven.

  2. Dunno if its funny or sad, we had what looks like the same water heater and it also died this winter. We looked at the isotherm you are looking at but ended up with a brand called "Quick" because it fit the existing locker better. And it does heat up quick.

    1. Wow. I guess our warranties were up! The quick model had a good review also. I like the composite exterior. I really hope we don't have to deal with water heaters for many years :)