Sunday, March 3, 2013

Organizing on a cold day.

Every once and a while you take a look around this boat and you think, what a mess! I have stuff everywhere. Electrical parts, plumbing, tools, drill bits, receipts and notes are hanging out in various places. I took a stab at organizing some of this crap today, because it is still 45 degrees outside, and now the Sun is gone. I'm staying near the heater thank you.

I have these storage bins that hold categories of items. Plumbing, electrical, sail gear and Misc. The biggest pile is the miscellaneous of course. I also had stuff stashed in various drawers in the V-berth too, which would be nice to free up for guests, or for some of my clothes which are sprinkled about. It seems every project I'm either looking for a tool or part, or I'm scattering them around. I'll step on the dock to cut a piece of hose, then leave the hack saw out there. I'll find it later, and place it on a counter top instead of the tool box. You see how this can all get out of hand. Today I found these power supplies.

What are they all for?  Like those stylin cushions? I think they were stolen from a '50's boat.

I know what half of those power supplies are for. I hate to toss them, and then find out I can't recharge my shaver, so I'll lay them on a counter top for a while :)   I think from now on any time we get one of these power supplies, I will immediately label what they are used for, if I can find a marker.

A silver marker would be nice.

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  1. We finally broke down and bought a decent label maker. Works great for labeling hoses, wires, and yes the ubiquitous chargers. Would you believe I have a box of them in the garage that even now, after getting rid of so much stuff, I'm still afraid of tossing???

    S/V Kintala