Thursday, May 30, 2013

I must be crazy

I did something totally stupid yesterday and interviewed for a job. Not sure what I was thinking, but I was poking around on a job site, and one caught my eye. I thought, what the hell, let's apply just for fun. What are the odds I would get the job? So I applied, and got a call immediately. After several phone interviews, I got a face to face with a recruiter, and unfortunately for me it went really well. It is amazing how relaxed and conversational you can be when you don't give a shit. I was told my resume would be presented to a corporate HR person today, and I would most likely be called in for a series of grueling interviews and spot light interrogations. My stomach immediately started the stress rumble, and I could feel my blood pressure rising. What the hell am I doing? My oldest daughter already gave me a stern lecture about getting back into the engineering arena, and suggested I find a job delivering flowers or driving Miss Daisy around town.

Maybe I was just seeing if I still have what it takes? I don't know. I should avoid engineering jobs, as there is only one I know of that is totally stress free, but my buddy Don landed that one. So how far am I going to go with this? Not sure. The job pays really well, but the hours really suck, and I would have to spend some time in Ireland. I actually had a thought about working in Ireland and touring pubs on weekends, laughing and joking over pints of Guinness, telling stories of crazy people in America, while dark haired blue eyed gals giggled at my Yank accent, but then I remembered I have a wife. Deb said under no circumstance will I be allowed to spend that much time away from her ever again. Knowing Debra all too well, she is probably thinking I could take the job, we move to Ireland where I work my ass off, and she would travel the countryside visiting pubs, relatives, laughing and joking with the locals about the crazy people in America and her slaving away "hoosband".

This whole thing could end today, when the company decides a much younger and more energetic engineer is required, so maybe I shouldn't stress over it so much. If I get a call to interview, I may just go anyway. If I make it to round two, I'll just walk in with my fly open and I'll be a free man again.


  1. Stress free??? I had a full head of hair when I started... (of course that was 30 years ago).
    I'm thinking work would be less stressful than breaking things on the boat anyway :o)
    Good luck - you can always demand a ridiculous salary!! WCPGW?

    1. Right. I was 6'4" when I started. I guess I could look at old Phil Collins photos to see what you looked like with hair :)