Saturday, June 29, 2013

It was the water

Last Thirsty Thursday we stopped out for dinner and a few brews like we usually do, only this time I was fully hydrated beforehand. Even after biking 16.5 miles earlier in the day I maintained good hydration along the way, mostly because of the added rack to the back of the bike. I was able to store water in a cold pack for the whole ride. So last Thursday I was slightly under the weather after only four a few beers, and I blamed it on Florida water. Well, in a way I was right. It was a lack of Florida water which brought on the morning blah's. At this latitude you really have to stay hydrated even if you are just doing projects around the boat. With no A/C and temps in the 90's, you can really lose a lot in just a few hours of minor movement, or in my case no movement at all.

When out cruising this will be especially important in maintaining our health. There is nothing worse than suffering from dehydration. For me, I get severe migraines and feel like my head will explode. Funny how when I'm dehydrated I really can't stomach much water. The thought of it makes me want to hurl. So, this brings up the fact that we do not have a water maker onboard, and we will be heading out in the near future. We have a decision to make on which system to buy. Do we go with a system that is independent of our onboard power? Or do we integrate one that our solar and wind devices can handle? I'm going to have to calculate our power requirements and storage capabilities to see which system is best. Good thing I'm married to an Electrical Engineer.


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  1. Yea, you came through on Feedly! Hope you find the right, reliable water maker.