Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bladder For sale

For Sale:
Lightly used waste bag/bladder on sale NOW in Northern Florida. Actually only used twice that we know of. Once by a drunk friend who was told not to use the aft head, but he didn't fit through the forward one, and once in an emergency when the forward head was in use. Both instances were of the number one variety, definitely not number two, however this has not been verified. You are welcome to shake the bag and judge for yourself.

Hose not included

Notice the hoses have been sealed off with expandable foam. I came up with this idea many years ago after getting an armful of glop. Drill a hole, spray in foam, wait many hours, and then cut hose at hole! A comment from a person named Don will most likely appear claiming it was his idea. Ignore him. He drinks a lot.



  1. I can attest not only to the fact that Don came up with this idea first, but as well to his fine character and great belly rubbing technique. And yes, he drinks a lot. But only the good stuff.

    1. Poor Izzy. How many pieces of sausage did he promise you to write that falsehood? We love you anyway Izz, despite your owner.