Monday, August 12, 2013

A Comfy couch

There is one thing about living on a boat that is not pleasant, especially without air conditioning. Being sick or injured is not fun on a boat. Let's face it, a sailboat is not the most comfortable place when you are having some health issues. We have to climb aboard and climb in. We have to climb out, hop off, or climb down. We have to crawl into bed, and then crawl out. It's a tight space throughout the ship, but it's meant to be that way for when you are underway, but it's not the best place to be after a minor procedure that leaves you a little nonathletic in your movements.

So I had this procedure today, that everyone has when they are over fifty. Not only that but there was some repair work taking place as well. Just some minor repair in the bilge. Nothing serious, just preventative maintenance. Today, hours after doctor 'sausage fingers' finished his craftiness, I am left alone on a really hot and uncomfortable boat. I can't find a good place to sit, or lay down. We have a nice queen size bed, but it's about ninety six degrees in the aft cabin right now, and laying back there is not going to happen unless I'm drugged, which by the way Deb has not retrieved relief pills from the pharmacy yet. I gave her the tough guy act and said she can pick them up whenever. Ugh, what was I thinking. The only thing I can do is lay in the cockpit or in the salon, and neither is the equivalent of a long cushy couch in a family room in front of a flat screen, falling asleep to some old movie you've seen a dozen times. This kind of sucks right now, but it's just a few days of taking it easy, and we all know I'm good at that.

Some of you are thinking, if he had a colonoscopy, then where did he prep? Well let me tell you, it was not on the boat! I couldn't deal with that. No, I checked into the hotel down the street. I checked in with a backpack and a Walgreens bag full of Gatorade and laxatives. The girl at the desk wanted to know what brings me to Jacksonville Beach. I really wanted to say I was here for a colon cleansing, and that I'll need two double beds, just in case. And please send up extra toilet paper and towels. I just said I was visiting, and she eyeballed me a bit before giving me the keys. Must have been the smirk. So yesterday yours truly, rocket man, spent the day in a hotel room watching football and movies in ten minute intervals, and now today I'm slowly moving around a sailboat trying to find a comfy spot to take a nap. Two nights at the hotel would have been ideal but moneybags wasn't going for it. So here I sit, sweating and dozing on a hard cushion with a fan blowing hot air on me.

Catching the flu or getting a really bad cold will be a miserable experience in a hot boat as well, especially rolling and bouncing at anchor. Knock on wood, I have not been sick since I arrived in Florida. This is really the first time I have not been "myself" on the boat and I can tell you that I am really missing our old big comfy couch right now.



  1. I must admit that I spend a lot of evenings on our "comfy couch". We've already tested out our salon, and it's pretty comfy too when we pull down the salon table, add the extra cushions, and make a big bed. Lots of room to sprawl out with pillows.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Oh come on - take up a collection for A/C you tightwad.
    I'm in for $20.

    Mike in A/C (still at work where it is free, I have to turn it on and pay at home soon).

    1. Mike, not only are we cheap, but we're also stubborn as hell. We don't plan on being anywhere near a dock when we untie, so might as well adapt. Feel free to send me the twenty though.