Saturday, August 24, 2013

Not the best reporting

I received an email alert about Sodus Point NY, our home port. A Maryland news show featured our old town in a vacation getaway segment. Not sure what this news crew did while in Sodus Point, other than doing a 180 in front of Jacks. From this view you imagine the village as having two restaurants, a small boat marina, and one sport fishing boat. That's not right. There are at least three sport fishing boats and three restaurants :)

Not one sailboat was shown, even though there are several hundred scattered in several marinas. It's hard not to see a mast while walking around town, yet none in view. It looks like the camera person was totally focused on getting into Jacks for a beer. Can't blame them I guess, but maybe a walk around town with the camera, showing some of the village, and then a trip out to the bluffs for a fantastic view would have been a better idea. The funny thing is, they never showed the largest part of Sodus Bay, which is beautiful. Oh well. Was fun to watch anyway.

It's a sleepy little place at times, but I think the report did not do justice to the beauty that can be found in this part of New York State when the weather cooperates.

And in case you are wondering; No, we are not homesick. You saw the weather in that video.


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