Monday, August 19, 2013

Road Trip

We popped over to Ocala the other day to see Deb's Mom. I decided to take the scenic route along the coast instead of the major highway. Turns out it was the looong way. Sorry Mom.
Along the way we passed this funky little roadside place with interesting metal and pottery works. Check it out!
Deb didn't time that photo right. Looks like I'm licking it's  hand

If I was single I would have these in my apartment

Nice yard sculptures

A touch of class to your dining room?

Who would buy this?



Something kept me staring at it. That face is familiar

I can almost hear the music

I would almost buy another house just to have this table. Heavy metal

I don't know. I just like it

Still awesome

I could see Deb buying this

Paul, it is time to go. "But, but, it's a robot sculpture!!"

Deb had to pull me out of this place. I wanted to stay a little longer. They had welding classes too! We don't even know what town this was in, but it was somewhere on route 40 near Ormond Beach.

See, I can blog about happy fun stuff too!



  1. Kewl place. However I am sensing a difference in taste between you two.

    s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC

    1. Funny. We took separate photos and there were only a few common shots, and they were not Iron Man or the dragon.