Friday, September 20, 2013

Will this work with Rum?

A long time ago when we were in St. Martin with friends, we had a good amount of spiced and flavored rum. It was awesome. Every restaurant on the island had some different flavors to choose from and we sampled them all. At one place on a beautiful evening a waiter was pouring the stuff down our throats from the bottle. We had our heads tipped back and mouth opened like little birds waiting for dinner. That was a really really good night. My Rasta pals even helped me put the bumper back on the rental Mercedes before we left to go home. Oy.

I recently came across a website here, that shows you how to flavor water with fruit. I think I may try this with rum. I really can't find anything else on the web that talks about flavoring booze. The manufactured stuff is pretty bad, with it's artificial flavors, so I'm going to test this procedure with some cheap ass rum. Hate to ruin a good bottle if it turns into a soggy swamp like mixture.

One thing I will not be adding is banana. They shrivel up and look like dead slugs floating in a jar. We had one of these bottles pass from table to table as it was too disgusting to look at. 

My recent migraine seems to have passed. All it took was a few glasses of white wine. Not sure why, or maybe it was just coincidence, but it's gone and that's all that matters. Now I can concentrate on more boat work. It never really ends does it? Beats real work. Sorry Deb :)



  1. Too the end of a long day so I didn't read the above correctly. I thought you were going to try to "favor" water yourself and I thought...okay. But I thought that was a bit weird/scary for a blog posting. Then I thought about it, read it again and realized my mistake. Whew...flavored rum - yum! *White wine or any wine usually does the trick!

    s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC

  2. We had a spiced rum in Granada called Clark's Rum. There were cinnamon sticks and spices in the rum, which I'm pretty sure was home brew. The stuff was lethal. We kept it for a few years, every now and then eyeing it with the unrealized intention of taking a sip... It finally got tossed when we started getting rid of things to move onto the boat. So the moral of this story is, if you start with drinkable rum and flavor it with natural spices, I think it would infuse the rum, but you should probably drink it pretty quickly.

    S/V Dos Libras

    1. Neither one of us are big rum drinkers, so yes we would probably have a few weeks of good sundowners and then it would sit in the cabinet getting funky. I wonder how long something like that would last? Once it's flavored, you could remove the fruit/spice, and then it should be fine for a while I would guess. We'll see what happens.