Friday, October 18, 2013

Anniversary. Two actually.

Debra and I celebrated thirty four years of togetherness yesterday. Thirty two of them were legal. We opted to just do what we usually do on a Thursday night and that is to go out and have a few brews, listen to some tunes and grab a bite. We had a nice time, as we usually do. Deb and I find it easy to talk and laugh together, unless I get on politics a little. Then the eye rolls start. It was tough to not talk about politics the last few days but I refrained.

Our friends on Facebook got a dose of old photos from our past yesterday, so I'll share with you. We did look a little hairy back then. Time sure flew by. So did the hair.

VA beach road trip in 1980 I think. Remembered everything but the sunglasses.

Notice the sailboat on the T-shirt. Should have been a warning to Deb.
"You will live a life at sea in your golden years" What?!

Deb's Mom put my full name on the photo. She must have
thought I was on borrowed time.

Thirty two yrs. Seems like just yesterday, no it doesn't.
My fear of barbers continued well into my 20's

The bride should never have an empty glass.

The best times. My girls.

Life's been good to me so far.
I am blessed to be with a woman who shares my dream of sailing. I started this adventure by coming home one night and telling the family I bought a boat. Our lives took on a whole new course after that, and we never looked back with regret. Maybe that one trip across the lake from Toronto we wondered aloud what the hell we thought we were doing out here. Thoughts of RV's and gardening may have occurred, but it passed. It's been a great ride so far, and I expect it will get even better real soon. A thank you to the love of my life for putting up with my quirkiness all these years and sharing in my love of sailing and all things water related.

We have another anniversary as well. It was a year ago we set sail for Florida and left the cold waters of Lake Ontario for good. I have another post on that, but believe it or not I have been busy with projects. Ha, I know some of you are laughing right now. It's OK, slacker boy deserves it.

Funny that Sabrina and Tom on SV Honey Ryder celebrated their anniversary as well, but I think theirs was the 16th. Their photos prove that life in Kansas can prevent aging.

OK, I have work to do. Stop laughing.


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  1. Congrats on 34 years together ... ya'll have about 4 years on us. Love the ole pics ... guess your mother-in-law was wrong about "borrowed time"!

    Oh, and congrats on one year since setting sail ... I'm jealous of that one! =)