Monday, November 25, 2013

Morning Tea

Thoughts leaving my head and falling onto this page...

What's with the weather? Saturday we were hiking in a park under sunny skies and eighty degrees. Sunday we were huddled inside the boat under gray skies and thirty knots of 59 degrees. Very strange. I sit here in a constant twenty five knots of wind out of the north, with gusts to about thirty five. Would I want to be at anchor right now? I believe I would have no choice. Marina = $$

Is there anyone that spends their time on the water that doesn't believe the climate is changing?

Our marina is pretty empty. Good thing they have the two huge boat storage buildings or they would be hurting for business right now. It's a depressing time of the year, seeing all the empty slips because it means people have moved on and they are enjoying themselves in warmer climates. It's pissing me off.

We recently had our Daughter Nicole's wedding. We were blessed with good weather at both our daughters weddings. Two very different gatherings, but both awesome in their own way and reflective of both their personalities. Both have left the nest long ago, and are totally independent yet, this wedding was a turning point in all our lives. The next generation moves on, while the last has an awesome time cruising :)

After our Grandson's arrival, and we come back down from the northlands we have nothing but Deb's job holding us in place. Hmm...

I read a lot of sailing blogs. Not as many as I used to though. Before we left I was a sponge for info on how to cruise the Atlantic and the ICW. Through all these posts over the years we have come to know some nice blog people. Not to be confused with Bog people. I sometimes worry about meeting our digital friends in person. There are a lot of writers who are very different from what they post. I think my personality comes through in my writing so if you are expecting a jackass you probably will not be disappointed.

We have blog friends that are stuck too far north because of technical difficulties. I hope they get it fixed soon. I need some company.

I am prepping the boat for our mini cruise down the ICW. Getting nervous about moving. It's our home now. It's only a trip down the ditch, but it's been a while.

TV sucks. We very seldom watch anything except sports. We like the Browns, Bills, Purdue and Syracuse football. So, yeah not much to watch this year.

The current ads for new shows on the networks are disturbing. What's with all the fear and death?

Seinfeld = the last time a show made me laugh. 

Condensation on the metal ports was dripping into my pasta on the stove. I don't like this. Should I disinfect the port before I cook?

We read a lot. eBooks rule. Dennis Lehane books are keeping me up late.

Our little space heater is OK, but we can't have it and the water heater on at the same time. This makes for cold mornings. We don't leave either heater running all night long. Too many photos of burned shore power plugs.

We need one more solar panel. We need more LED lights.

People at this dock are now stopping by to say hello. We say goodbye. They say why, and I say "You had all friggin year to chat and now with a week to go you get friendly?"

Our boat needs a wax.

Our salon cushions are hard and ugly. They kind of smell too. Replacement is not really a priority at this time, but geez its tough showing people around down here.

When we are closed up we run a dehumidifier to cut down on moisture. Sometimes I wake up so dry that I'm afraid my skin will crack if I move.

We only have three pieces of modern electronics on this boat with two Engineers for crew.

I hate talking to insurance companies. You always feel like you could say the wrong thing and your rates will go up or they drop you. I bet they read blogs too.

My van is nearing the end of it's life. You ever see a rusty old van with a loud exhaust and filled with random stuff driven by a little grey bearded guy with faded t-shirt and torn ball cap? Me neither.

Is it bad to eat Pringles for breakfast? How about pretzels?

Deb makes the best blue cheese dip on the planet.

A guy in Publix walked past me and pulled at my shirt. I had a Bruins shirt on. "Nice shirt!" he said sarcastically. I looked over and he had a Flyers Jersey. I made a face and said, "Wanna go?" We both laughed. His wife gave him an eye roll. "You wanna go" is a phrase hockey players use to indicate a desire to kick someone's ass.

It usually takes me until about 10 AM to get rolling. My good retired friend says he will not do much of anything until 10. His rule. I don't feel so bad now. Thanks Frank.

Good Morning!


  1. You are always fun to read. Hopefully we will meet up someday. 59 degrees OK be happy it was 12 here the other day. Really not a fit temp for humans. Joan said she wanted this to be our last winter. We are following your blog as our good friends on Honey Ryder recommended it to us. So now you and them are our experts and we are following in all you are doing. Keep at it so we have more to follow. Easier to learn from you than the opportunities to learn on your own.
    Pat and Joan

    1. :) I know I'm turning into a wimp with the weather. Mostly I whine about it to piss off my friends off up north.

      Thanks for following along. I learned from other blogs as well. We are by no means experts, but at least you can see our mistakes and try to avoid them. It's a fun journey getting to this cruising life. You guys will do great.

      How about that Honey Ryder crew eh?

  2. Love this random post! With this cold weather in Louisiana, I wouldn't move before 10AM either if I had the choice ... bbrrrr!

    TV does suck, and I hate to talk to insurance companies too. I always renew and adjust our car and boat insurance online ... just for that reason.

    Hope you and Deb have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Paul, I can just picture some nimrod with a Philly Jersey tugging on someone with a Bruins jersey, what would you expect of course ya gotta go, get that jersey over his head and wail away.

    1. What is it with Philly? Always quick to poke. Guy was already missing a tooth. Probably poked someone from Jersey.

  4. Paul, I can just picture some nimrod with a Philly Jersey tugging on someone with a Bruins jersey, what would you expect of course ya gotta go, get that jersey over his head and wail away.