Monday, November 18, 2013

Weird weather and Facebook

We had one and a half gorgeous days of about 75-80 degrees and partly sunny, and now rain is falling and the temps will drop into the 60's tomorrow. I can't complain. Beats tornadoes and snow. So sad to see parts of Illinois and Indiana get blasted with that blob of storms. My daughter went to school in Indiana and we spent some time there visiting and we know how flat it is. I can't imagine how fast those systems roll across the land. Thoughts are with those who suffered. We had a few phone calls from my daughter during tornado season while she was up there. They had one land a few miles away. She told us she was safe. She was huddled in the basement of a frat house. This is why I have grey hair.

I washed the boat under these beautiful skies only to have the raven population gather for a conference on my mast when I was done. What the hell. The rain washed most of it off. My refusal to buy an aluminum tank and go with a Blue Rhino swap didn't pay off either. I have a nice rust mark on the deck now where the crappy tank completely rusted and ran all over the deck in the rain. The price you pay for being cheap. I can't believe how fast that tank went orange.

Work continues on the short voyage prep, and hopefully we'll be underway real soon. It would be nice to be relocated further south before we head up north again to see family.

If you are not visiting us on Facebook, then you are missing out on some cool photos and some not very interesting commentary. You also get to find out what we are doing without having to read my crazy stories. By the way, everything I write on this blog has actually happened, unless I say it's made up. I just extend the characters personalities a little and protect the names of the real people and where they work or reside. I don't need someone going to see Ahmed the tailor telling him I think he yells on the phone, or that the hot tailor woman has huge eyebrows and that I like them. I meet some interesting people. Just ask Debra. That reminds me, I owe the hair salon a pizza for helping me rescue my pants.

So, you can find us on FB under S/V Kelly Nicole. Hit the like button if you want, or just leave a sarcastic comment. Either one is appreciated. Here are some photos that were on FB only.

Our first boat! Awesome sail set. No really it's perfect

Meester Mo - future boat dog. He's actually scared to death.

Finally someone else got shit on

My morning view. Very relaxing. So relaxing I get another hour of sleep sometimes.

Our happy hour entertainment. I know. It's mean.

Found a photo on my old phone of an Erie canal lock. Smelled in there. You ever hear
the expression "Your ass sucks canal water!" Now I know why it's insulting. Is that
expression a NY thing?

Expanding foam gone bad. The Blob. It's alive! It's on my shirts and pants as well.

Lunch under a palm on the beach

Head banging

Yes, the Batmobile. No sign of the caped crusader.
I saw Robin getting a cone. He's such a puss.

My van. Stylin eh? Yes, that's popeye looking under Leilani's skirt, and those warning
lights are on all the time. Nothing serious. Oil, brakes, check engine, etc.
I threw this in for laughs. 



  1. I truly believe the birds have been trained. We were visiting a friend and his boat in Florida for some cruising and he asked to clean the boat. I was so proud when I was done. I put the hose away and turned around and there was purple all over the deck. Did you know black crows poop purple? Must have something to do with their black wings. We may be buying a boat in Upper Michigan we have never considered cruising on the Great Lakes. Any place you can point me for advice, especially getting through the Erie Canal?

    1. Pat, Joan, We only sailed Lake Ontario and we used the Ports Books for info on anchorages and marinas.
      They are a great reference. As far as the canal goes, there are several guides. We used the Skipper Bob reference and some published by the NYS canal system

      The canal is fun if you are not in a hurry. Plenty of BIG BALL fenders and long poles with a cleat at the end and you'll be fine. A third person is handy as well especially in the last Federal lock. Great Lakes sailing is still the best, for about 2 months of the year. You'll have fun.

      Blackbirds are pretty damn smart, and wiseasses as well.