Monday, December 2, 2013

We moved!

Hello St. Augustine!

Should be a fun couple of months here in the oldest city in the USA. Is it? So the trip was uneventful, with the exception of the current going into the marina. Had to be about 4-5 knots cross current. We were riding the river into St. Aug., doing about 7.5 knots over ground with the engine at just over idle. We didn't want to get there at extreme low tide but guess what?

The marina said I'll have enough water and to just crab in, but go fast. Dude, it's a sailboat. There is no go fast. We turned west toward the marina across the current and boy did I have to hit the throttle. We were basically at 3500 rpm and pointing north as we worked our way in. I had to point up current, then fall off a bit, then repeat. At one point I read 5 ft on the depth. Phew. We got inside and chopped throttle quickly. Imagine losing your engine in that current. Boat meet bridge.

What awaited us inside were two guys waving and pointing to our extremely hard to get into slip. Really really tight quarters in this place. I didn't hit anything but it didn't look pretty. I had to make a tight left, followed by a tight right, then a right into our slip. No frigging way will this boat turn like that! The throttle and rudder got quite a workout and we made it in. After settling I realized I could have made it a lot easier with backing up slightly and sticking my nose into the slip. Doh!

We are tucked away safe and sound, and now we await the Grandson to be delivered in the snowy northlands. We will be here for a little while. We will get some work done on this tub and then look for someplace warmer.

Good thing none of the fisherman were there when we landed.
I would have a new nickname.

Here are a few shots along the ICW.

The Murray makes it to St Aug! So did the Van...barely.

A look of concern

I hate seeing these.

Hey look Paddy there's a new boat in town. Look at all that
pretty blue canvas. Might be time to give the little guy a welcome.

While we relaxed with a cold one and Deb stopped shaking from the cross current and extreme docking, I heard a Dolphin pop up for air. Dolphins! We have some flipper friends that welcomed us to St. Aug by swimming around the boat and popping up to catch fish. Very cool. Deb is happy, I'm happy, the boat is happy.  :)



  1. Hope you enjoy St A.

    s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC

  2. Dang! We were too busy stressing over how to get our dinghy outboard going while we were there (more on that in a future post). Didn't realize you were going to be staying in St Augustine that long -- figured we'd connect with you when you head South.

    Our goal is to be settled in Marathon before Christmas and plan to stay there for about a month before moving into the Bahamas.

    Any chance you'll be in that neck of the woods then?