Friday, March 21, 2014

No Tanks

We are still waiting for our new corrected water tanks to arrive. Looks like Monday now. They keep getting delayed by bad weather, and every time I look at the radar I don't see any freaking bad weather. Readers wonder why we waited so long to do the tanks, well, St. Augustine had the only boat yards that would actually remove the old tanks. Nobody in Jax was willing or able to do it. We couldn't leave for St. Augustine until our insurance company said we could. As soon as we arrived we scheduled the tanks for removal and measured for new ones. It's just taken this long to get them removed, built and delivered correctly.

Speaking of delivery, the trucking companies that have been used, Pyle, YRC, and Southeastern Freight have been sorry ass slow. Nothing but delays and excuses. Looking back, I could have driven up to Jersey in my van and picked them up in half the time despite the weather. And while I was there I could have kicked the guy in the ass for screwing them up.

If all goes well with the install then we should be cruisers sometime next week. We are getting really tired of just being liveaboards. We need to move. If these tanks aren't correct this time I'll probably just find the nearest bar and drink until I pass out. I would deserve the pain that followed.

Aluminum and your Brain
As far as drinking from Aluminum tanks goes, I did a little research. Not trusting the FDA to know anything I went to the WHO to get answers to the aluminum tank concerns. That would be the World Health Organization. I'm pretty sure Roger Daltrey wouldn't care one way or the other but I could be wrong. The WHO, according to one of their studies finds the effects of Aluminum in drinking water to be inconclusive. That said, we are going drink from the tanks and be merry. I'm sure our kids will let us know if we seem a little "Off". Oh wait they told us that already. Right after we told them we were going to live on a boat.

The watermakers last hose has arrived. Apparently we win the award for having the longest custom hoses made. Our prize is a larger bill. I am supposed to document the install so that Rich from Cruise RO can show how "super modular" a system can be. Either that or how stupid some cruisers can be about installation.

We had a nice visit from one of Deb's high school friends. Vicki stopped by on a rainy afternoon with her friend who's name I forgot. I think her name was Siri, or something like that. Sux getting old. It was a great visit despite the weather and the fact that I have no photos. We have to get better at taking photos of guests else people will think we are social losers. Vicki brought muffins and Dunkin D Coffee! I'll be hooked on the bean again. Thanks Vicki!

Old Friends
We drove up to Ponte Vedra to help our friends move some of their belongings into their gorgeous new house. Huge new house! It was great getting together with them and always good for some laughs. Again we took zero photos, but I can steal Rick's. Rick and Deb seem to be following us south, or are we following them?

It was pointed out that beer and cellphones are prevalent.
Sign of the times?

Awesome view. Nice digs.

Looks like a weekend of provisioning and final prep for life afloat. Some of our friends are like,"Will you just go for Gods sake!" I know it's actually getting comical at this point, but we can feel it now. I feel something. Must be we're getting closer, or it's the screwing I'm about to get from New Jersey.


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  1. You will go when you go. Even if you get the tanks in, you will of course wait for the right weather window!! As for al tanks....I am pretty sure you two have been drinking beer from cans for years so big deal!