Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blogging Blogging!

I'm not much of a writer these days. Not sure why. I guess I can blame it on the PC, or Windows Laptop. Damn thing will not hold a charge for shit and I absolutely hate running the inverter. I'm a notorious Watt watcher. When you are on the hook or a mooring you don't have 120 volts of AC at your disposal unless you want to destroy a perfectly good evening with your generator. So I find it tough to get the laptop fired up and writing. Some people post about everything they're doing. I'm not into posting about my daily life unless something cool happens in the mens room.  A woman on the docks told me, "Blogging blogging My God why do we have to blog everything we do? It drives me nuts! I want to go see something not blog about refrigeration!" She was funny as hell by the way. I hope we meet them again. Well, today we ran the generator to charge up everything before we leave and I found myself looking at all the blog posts I missed from other sailors. Some of you can really sling those words around. It's making me feel a bit inept at blogging.

Speaking of blogging, let's say blogger went bye bye. What would you do? Jump to wordpress I imagine. Would some of you dump blogging altogether and just simply post on Facebook? I know some sailors who are doing just that. I have tossed it around a bit but decided I'll just default to my old reason for writing all this nonsense all these years. I wanted a journal to chronicle our adventures while sailing, and doing it online seemed appropriate. Lets face it, if I put this brain dump of mine into a paper journal for all to read after I was gone or babbling in a living fossil ranch somewhere, no one would actually read it. My kids might hit up a few pages, but then put it on a shelf until they move, where it would then be read by some homeless person picking through their trash. Now that I think about it, would anyone actually read my blog after I was gone? I see that Facebook pages live on after death, and I noticed some blogs that were started way way back in the early days of blogger that have been dormant since the first post.

So imagine all these electronic journals in cyberspace being listed forever. If google doesn't kill blogger we could be out there for a while. Maybe by the time I'm in the home for wayward adults they will have tablets for us to use. My kids might point out my blog to trigger some memories I might have after all that Tofu took it's toll. I could start from day one and work my way through the posts until I say, "This guys an asshole!" and then move on to Zero To Cruising. "Here we go! Man oh man is she flexible. Now this is a sailing blog!"



  1. I like your blog. I wish Deb would blog too. I keep getting in trouble on FB and will probably get band at some point and I don't really like it so....I vote keep blogging. No loggin, no rules. If I don't like what you write I ignore, comment or quit following. Easy Peasy. Same is true for our blog.

    1. I was laughing earlier when we were messaging because Deb told me you got in trouble on FB. Little troublemaker! :)

  2. The blog-O-sphere is a good way to keep track of where friends are and what they are doing. Speaking of which, where are you headed?

  3. One of the good things about blogging is when we get a thank you from someone about having pointed them toward ideas/information they needed or enjoyed. It happens enough to keep us going. One of the bad things about blogging (especially if writing was a big part of the career years) is it can seem a too much like workin' for the man every night and day. We keep several open topics on simmer in draft stage until the time seems *write.* Most of those bubbled up at Happy Hours or Potlucks.

    Sabrina in trouble? I can't imagine...

  4. Just got in trouble again tonight. So not digging FB. Argh!