Monday, July 28, 2014

A little change in plans.

After getting a few projects completed we were ready to head out into the Chesapeake and find a nice place to drop the hook. We got out the charts and and were going to go over the the next few days of travel when we got a phone call that changed everything.

Our daughter Nicole, who was due to deliver Grandson Number two at the end of August called to say her water broke and she is in the hospital ready to deliver Aiden. Holy crap! We immediately called for a rental car and Debra took off to handle that while I secured the boat which was still in project mode, meaning that it was a disorganized mess. With everything packed up as much as possible and the car here we took off like a bat out of hell down I95 to Savannah Ga. In eight hours we arrived fifteen minutes late. Aiden Christopher has arrived a month early weighing in at six pounds three ounces and doing great. Momma is also doing great. Dad is still in shock I think, but really getting the knack for changing diapers. Grandma and Grandpa are all smiles. Grandpa doesn't do diapers.

Grandpa P

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  1. Glorious! What a wonderful excuse to leave the boat for awhile. Now, about those diapers...