Thursday, July 3, 2014

Running from Arthur

A brief update:
Since we left Florida we seem to have been under a cloud of bad weather as you can see from the many pics I had posted. Well, it turns out we did have a cloud over us and its name is now Arthur. After one really hideous storm in Camp Lejeune that had us under brisk winds and purple lightning we took a look at the weather radar wondering when this will pass. Huh, looks like a nice low has settled offshore. Ok, let’s keep moving. Once we got somewhere with internet Deb took a look at the spiral and said “It’s a damn tropical depression!” I got my phone and looked at my Hurricane Tracker app and sure enough there was a message about a tropical depression forming with a 60% chance of it forming into a hurricane. Shit!

So we tried to outrun Arthur and make it to the “safety” of the Chesapeake. We made stops in Morehead City and Oriental with many anchorages along the way there. We finally got to meet up with Dan and Jaye in Oriental for an afternoon of fun but wished we could have stayed for pizza night. I finally cured my pizza craving by downing 5 slices last night. At least Dan and Jaye didn't have to witness my gorging. We had some choices to make in Oriental. Stay, have fun, but pay the big buck to ride out the storm which could be intense at that location, or kick ass to VA and maybe lessen the blow. We chose to run.

I will cover all this in a little more detail later. I just wanted to post that we are OK for now tucked into a sheltered canal at AYB in Great Bridge VA. Looks like we will be settling in for a spell so maybe I can catch up on blog posts and some much needed boat work.

The sun sets on our anchorage after the Pungo Alligator canal.
Some of the supposed anchorage spots after the canal really suck.

Cheers! Stay safe!

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