Saturday, November 29, 2014

Why Fi?

Our goal today was to buy some cheap veggies and do some online chores. Things didn't quite work out for us. 

 Our last purchase at Fresh Market was broccoli which didn't make it two days without spoiling so we hit up the hippie farmers market today thinking cheap and fresh. We got shocked at the register when it totaled $51 for two zucchini, radishes, 5 potatoes, one squash, blue berries, broccoli and some tea leaves. What the hell!

I have to take a closer look at those tea leaves because I definitely paid way too much for just vegetables. Maybe that's why they threw rolling papers into the bag?

After getting fleeced at the market we went to Starbucks to pay $3 for a cup of coffee and use their wifi. The coffee sucked and so did the wifi. I ordered an Americano figuring that was as close to a regular cup of joe as I was going to get. I asked for soy milk instead of cream. "How much?" The gal asked. I said a splash. She stared me down and asked if an inch was ok. Geezus. Awfully technical aren't they? Ok an inch then. "Steamed or cold? Ugh. Steamed sounds good. Apparently steaming soy takes a half hour and then some ass hat grabbed my coffee by mistake. I asked him what he ordered. He got the same thing only with milk. Dude, this has STEAMED SOY! Back off. 

Fully jacked on caffeine we strolled to the library to use their wifi which also sucked. Turns out the folks behind us which looked suspiciously like cruisers, were streaming a movie. Really guys? We attempted to use it anyway but it was useless. I wish I knew what movie they were watching so I could tell them how it ended. 

On the way out of the library some homeless guy coughed in our faces and crossing the street some kid yelled something at us from a car. Maybe he said get a job. Do we look like bums? We had backpacks and a grocery bag. Not like we were pushing a shopping cart! Little shithead. Must be the backpacks. I see a lot of homeless folks in the park with backpacks. Could be why that store manager followed me around CVS that one day. Maybe I should shave more often. 
We got in the dinghy and pounded though the two foot chop of this unprotected mooring field feeling totally defeated today. 

Tomorrow is a work day. Boat chores are calling so we will ignore our internet woes. Somehow, some way, somewhere, we will find good WiFi and get some important things done. 

The wifi we pull in with our antenna is spotty at best and it sometimes takes hours just to do a blog post. Not quite what's needed to order boat parts or enroll in health care. Monday we will try again unless the homeless guy gave us a nice gift for the holidays. 


Your moment of zen:


  1. The marina has pretty strong Wi-Fi. Just go up to the marina office and either sit on the couches in the main room or outside of the weather is nice. You can but cheaper food at either the Amigos grocery store our Publix. Take the quarter bus to the East station and then it's a couple blocks walk north. The Grove Green Market is usually on Thursday afternoon but their opening has been delayed due to some run-in with the county. If they open before you leave you'll find it a good alternate. We quit going to the organic one for the same reason.

    S/V Kintala

  2. Some days are diamonds while other days are rocks. Keep sifting the pile....

  3. Oh Lord, it sounds like you hit the jackpot today. And I hate to hear about a bad Starbucks experience. I'm thinking that Starbucks, a Northwest invention, probably is best up here because I've never had a good experience anywhere BUT here. And that's too bad for my stock in that company. Straighten up and fly right, Starbucks! You'd never get that kind of treatment at a 'bucks around here. Then had to laugh about your description of the backpack scenario and homeless guy. Huh? Were in you in our town and failed to tell us you were here? Mike walks into Lakewood every day. He wears a backpack. He always has, he always will. He shops, he uses the backpack to pack things home because, HELLO! he's WALKING. You know, that thing you do with two feet when you are not driving a car. The local grocery story wants him to check his backpack at the counter. NOPE. Not going to do it. I, on the other hand, can carry my huge handbag anywhere in the store I want to without anyone shadowing me. Needless to say, Mike just doesn't shop there anymore. OK. Your post got me started. OH yeah, and also there are the people who urinate out in the open, just because they can. UGh. Humanity. Some days it's just not worth it. Thank God for that zen photo at the end of your post. Just say 'no' to hippies who charge an arm and a leg.

  4. You should probably get used to iffy wifi. We have found it to be the norm more often than not. I would also suggest you not make any promises to family about Face Time. We find that most internet connections are too week for that. When you do find a strong enough internet connection for face Time, it is generally a bar and too loud to Face Time successfully. However, perhaps your budget is different than ours and you will be able to have internet most of the time.